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Mind and Body Teacher Readiness

I find that in my practice as a teacher it is important for me to keep my mind and body prepared for the physical and emotional demands of each day.  There are a few practices that I am committed to on a regular basis.  The first is my yoga class twice each week.  Yoga strengthens me, and has increased my ability to balance and breathe in a mindful way on a more regular basis.  The stretching activities work out some of the stressors that would otherwise build up in a job that keeps me on my feet about 90% of my day.   The second regular, committed activity I do is a workout that combines weight lifting with low impact aerobic dance.  Regular exercise helps me build strength, have fun and manage stress in a positive way. It keeps me feeling strong so I can be a good role model for my students.

There are a few other healthy body and mind habits that I strive to do regularly, but am not currently doing as often as I would like.  First is a morning meditation routine.  I do get up early to drink coffee, occasionally jotting down notes about my teaching practice in a journal.  However, my real goal in getting up early has been to do some stretching and “real” meditation.  I guess I prefer a kind of “coffee meditation.”  And the last healthy mind and body habit I would like to get to more regularly is a brisk walk.  Right now I get in a walk once or twice a week  and I’d like to get a walk in five or six days of the week.

These habits help me be a better teacher, and adult role model. These habits also help me manage the physical and emotional stress of teaching in a healthy way.

If you have ideas about how to keep physically and mentally ready for teaching, please make a comment below!

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