Sarah Zykanov, Ed.D.

Fourth Grade Teacher

San Pedro Elementary School

My posts focus on my experiences working with students, teachers and technologies for learning over the past 25 years.  I write about experiences with my fourth grade class, as I seek to infuse technology in meaningful ways that enhance student thinking and creativity.

2016-2017 is my sixth year teaching fourth grade.  I have a class set of Chromebooks and six used iPhones with math applications.  Students these technology resources to support individualized learning using practice programs such as Reflex Math, Prodigy, Khan Academy and TenMarks during our Math Block, and Vocabulary Spelling City and Google Documents collaborative writing during English Language Arts time.  Students also greatly benefit from the simple use of Digital Voice Recorders to practice reading for fluency and expression.

My goal in creating and maintaining this blog is to share my work with elementary aged students as we learn better ways to use technologies available to us to build creativity and critical thinking skills.

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