Thanksgiving 2012

GratitudeAt this holiday I am filled with gratitude for the many blessings my family and I have received through the past year.  We are blessed with each others loyalty, love and friendship.  We are blessed with a home, employment and food.  It is important to me to really live that gratitude every day as I share my gifts and talents with others.  My work as a classroom teacher fills me daily with blessings of student understanding and progress.  My work also gives me a chance each day to feel humbled by new challenges, and humbled by the blossoming of young minds in ways I often cannot take credit for, but am blessed to witness. Continue reading

Sarah Z’s Edu-Techno Ramblings – 2012

I called my original Blog, Sarah Z’s Edu-Techno Ramblings because I have second thoughts about publishing on the Internet.  In effect, when I post to this blog I am posting writing that has not been reviewed by my peers.  Use of the word, “ramblings” acknowledged that what was written was my own untested thoughts.  I believe it is important to have others review our work and test our thinking.  It is especially valuable to have others who are also knowledgeable in a given field contribute their thoughts on the subject.  In these days of the open web, we must learn to monitor our own reading and writing, doing our best to avoid bias, imprecise logic and baseless theorizing. I challenge my readers to question and test the logic of my ideas, and add their ideas to mine in the comments, in order to create a more robust picture of the subject at hand.

Clearly, we are not going back to the days when writing was presented solely in peer-reviewed journals and reviewed by editors and publishers.  We are living in an age where anyone can start a blog and share his or her ideas with the world. It is up to the audience and those posting to take responsibility for sharing ideas of value that contribute to a better world, and a brighter, stronger, more intelligent populous.  Lector Caveat!

Hello world!

After years having a blog hidden away on my website, it’s time to start fresh.   Many posts will focus on my experiences working with my fourth grade class, as I seek to infuse technology in meaningful ways that enhance student thinking, learning and creativity. Last year I taught kindergarten, my emphasis was on finding ways to make assessments of student learning easier to gather and analyze.  I created a  simple Google Form that I used to track student alphabet, letter sound and High Frequency Word learning.  Using the form on my iPhone allowed me to quickly collect and manage student assessment data.   This year I am teaching fourth grade. I use my document camera, online video and online activities regularly to give students more ways to wrap their minds around the topic at hand.  But as the second half of the school year begins, I am using available resources to allow my students to build their skills and creativity as writers, reporters, and presenters.

I also work with credential candidates, helping them learn how to use technologies as they enter the teaching profession.  Ideally, this blog will help me share my work with elementary aged students with my adult students.